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WDC Voting

5 voters will win the Apple iPad 16GB Wi-Fi model! For those who don't win the iPad, you'll still have a chance to win a Delicious “Geek Crunch!” 50 lucky winners will be chosen!

Prize & Revenue Share

If you win WDC, you will receive US $10,000  plus Revenue share of US$1.00 for each domain registration under the new TLD. If the registrations volume grow as much as .com, You will receive $80,000,000 each year

If there are more than two people who have submitted the same winning name, the prize and revenue share will be shared equally among the winning applicants.
When you try to submit TLD name which someone else has already applied before you, the system will ask you, 「The name has already been applied by ○ people. Do you wish to continue?」You could then decide to submit with different name, or proceed the process.

All the rights of the winner's string including Trademark, Copyright,  Merchandising right, Broadcast right, the Second Use right, and all the other rights will be reserved by Interlink Co. Ltd.

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